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Welcome! This site is for families who want to speak more than one language with their children, but who are unsure how to start or worried about what might go wrong. This is called immersion learning, and can be extremely effective at home.

We assume you already understand the huge value of speaking more than one language. This site aims to provide practical help as to how to pass on to your children whatever foreign language you possess, little or much.

We are English-speaking parents who speak French (not our native tongue) with our children. Many people have shown an interest in what we have done and this site is a collection of resources and tips that we have found along the way. We started in South Australia, continued in California and are still doing it in Scotland.

Everything on this site is from our own experience. We've tried a lot of things and helped others to try variants of them in all sorts of languages, so you'll find here things that are likely to work for most families. Our intention is to mostly be a jumping-off place pointing at others' work and resources because there is so much available already. Many families have done this before and are doing it right now!

"Pourquoi parle-t-elle français à ses enfants? C'est faux et peu naturel. Les enfants le sentent bien. On leur enseigne le français et on leur fait oublier la sincérité", pensa-t-il, sans savoir que vingt fois Dolly s'était fait ces raisonnements, et n'en avait pas moins conclu que, en dépit du tort au naturel, c'était la seule façon d'enseigner une langue étrangère aux enfants"

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karénine