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This isn't just a list of links off Google, it is a list of things that really do work for adults and children.

Sounds of the World's Animals : French cows don't say "moo" and Spanish roosters don't say cock-a-doodle-doo, and if you're a parent you have to know what they do say! Lots of animals, lots of languages. No sound files, but quite uesful anyway if you've got some idea of the pronunciation.

Resources for Learning French is by an English speaker who moved to Switzerland. There are two handy reference sheets, La Colle Francaise and Le Truc de Genres that make it easy to remember some very important things.

Wordreference.com An excellent online dictionary for French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian. The forum discussions are particularly useful, where you can check out the everyday usage of words in context.

Vocab worksheets Lots of printable worksheets for basic French vocab practice, suitable for adults and children who are reading and writing. Good for vocab learning and can also be used as preprepared themed spellings worksheets! There are other languages available on this site too but we haven't checked them out.

The Pragmatics of Slang by Anthony Lodge, University of St Andrews. Interesting article on French usage for advanced French speakers! It helps explain how there are modes of expression in French (both the ultrapolite, and not) which have no equivalent in English or Spanish.