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These are all in French, since that's the language we've mainly invested in.

It's fairly hard to find websites that actually have spoken French to listen to, which is what you need before your children can read. These are some that we have found and that our children have enjoyed.

Up to Ten
A lovely kids' site with simple games and songs. This link takes you to the French version; it is also available in English, and there is premium subscription version with even more games etc. There are other languages including Spanish but they are reading only, no audio.

A Canadian site, songs and games in French.

French version of Sagwa, the Chinese siamese cat. Children need to be able to read a little to play the games, but
there is spoken French to listen to too.

"TumbleBookLibrary is an online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach young children the joys of reading in a format they'll love".  Subscription only, though there is a free 30 day trial.  Books available in English, French and Spanish (though oddly the French option does not appear unless you click on Spanish, and then again on the language menu!)

There is a tradition of French children's magazines that are very high quality literature, and are sold in any local newsagent. We have sampled several magazines from Fleurus Presse (A French children's publisher) and have subscribed to one. Milan Presse also have a great selection. A relatively inexpensive way of getting French resources into your home, you can subscribe online and look forward to a dose of quality French to share with your child each month. Airport newsstands often have a small selection (say half a dozen) titles for you to get a feel for this. Larger newsagents have maybe twenty titles. There's nothing like this in general consumer culture in the English-speaking world.

French TV
Must confess to not having tried this, but the page makes for interesting reading! http://www.freefrenchtv.co.uk/