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The links below will take you to sites and articles that we found most interesting and helpful. Within each are collections of links, from here you should be off and running:

A Guide to Family Reading in Two Languages: The Preschool Years describes how three families successfully taught their children to read in two languages before they entered the formal educational system.
"Dr. Andersson begins by describing early reading in monolingual settings and then expands his discussion to include bilingual homes. He provides practical ways for parents to encourage young children to read in two languages, suggestions that have implications for many aspects of language development other than reading."

Bilingual Parenting in a Foreign Language discusses the issues in a very balanced way.
"We have created this web site to provide support for families where one or both parents are speaking a foreign language (not their native language) to their children in an effort to raise them bilingually. We also wish to provide encouragement for those parents who are debating whether or not to do so."

Bilingual Families Web Page and Mailing List
This mailing list is one of the oldest and a very sound resource. It is full of parents who between them cover every imaginable situation including ours (neither parent native speaker). The web site sprung from the list. The daily discussion of raising children bilingually was one of the early encouragements for us. Highly recommended!

Multilingual Families in the UK. A meeting place for multilingual families in the UK. Also lists lots of resources in lots of languages.

Raising Bilingual Kids: Getting Started and Staying Motivated is an overview of the choices you face once you're sure you want to do this (or decide you can't afford not to, etc). We might have written this ourselves:
"So, you've decided that you don't want monolingual children. You've determined which languages you want your kids to learn and why. You've even talked your in-laws into it! Now it's time to put these ideas into practice. But how? Discuss it thoroughly with your partner--indeed, with your children--beforehand so that you can start with confidence and concrete ideas of how to carry it out. Here are some answers to common questions."

Why, how and when should my child learn a second language?
The ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics, lots of resources for parents.

Fostering Second Language Development in Young Children
National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning

Bringing up baby bilingual "So, you don't speak French but you want to help your children to learn it" Lots of information, ideas and links to resources for music, videos and books for teaching French to your children when you are not fluent yourself. Many other links off into the world of biligualism that are well worth perusing!

L'Institut Français d'Écosse, Edinburgh
In Randolf Crescent, Edinburgh. For £30/year, you have access to their very good library of books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, newspapers etc, including children's resources. They also have a programme of cultural events.