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Bilingual (or trilingual, or more) education can certainly be done on the cheap. But there are some things that it is worth buying if you can.

Big Hint! If you live outside France you'll end up paying a lot for postage. So if you have friends in France, use them as a postbox and get them to consolidate deliveries (or go and pick them up yourself.)

Books, books, books: Children's books mostly, but any native books you can lay your hands on. amazon.fr is easy. FNAC is a major shopping chain, and fnac.fr has lots of worthwhile purchases. If you are visiting the country, check out the charity shops for books, board games and magazines (we've got a lot of books and games from Emmaüs in France -- we got a big box of Readers Digest thrown in for free once). If you have access to a French postal address via a friend (shipping to another country is expensive for lots of small items)  get them to collect things for you that you buy online and pick them up when you visit! Surprisingly, UK charity shops often have a few French (or Italian, Spanish etc) children's books around, place a standing order!

Computer games: Order a couple of children's games from amazon and see how you get on. The immersion experience works really well. Some games don't exist in English (eg Schtroumpfs - Smurfs). In terms of education, there is a good range of titles that fit with the French and Canadian education systems (we've tried KidÉcole by Nathan, among others).

DVDs : It seems obvious, but check the language options on your DVDs and play them only in your target language. Order DVDs online from your target country, or stock up when you visit.

Leappad by Leapfrog: A Leappad is a clever blending of traditional book interfaces and computer-aided education (for details on the products see leapfrog.com ). You want the books done in your target language, rather than those created to "help your child learn to speak XX", because full immersion works better. A modern UK/US Leappad will work with cartridges and books bought in France. If you want Spanish cartridges you'll have to buy them in the US or Spain. You can't get French cartridges or books outside France as far as we know (anyone know about Quebec?) Similarly their Globe product is good for learning that other languages have very different ideas of how to label the world.